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NW 01Description

This type of cutter has the functionality of being specialized for contours of difficult access, polite in three dimensions and maximized precision. By having an Olecranon-type blade, it generates an effective adjustment to any type of stroke to various materials. In the same way, it has a boomerang-type blade to accelerate the cutting of long and thinner surfaces, this to give more precision and stability in the line.


  • The Blade is Affixed, pay attention to its use
  • Professional knife, please don't use it at home
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Dispose of the blades properly after use, do not dispose of them at will.







Blade Type Hook (Olecranon)/Boomerang
Dimensions 12.5cm L x 2.5cm W x 1.5cm H
Working Distance 9mm long from blade to handle
Include 3 Hook-type and 1 boomerang-type blade replacement
Design Specialized to fit the hand and apply more precision or force as the case may be

Payment Methods

  • Efecty
  • American Express
  • Diners
  • Master Card
  • Banco De Bogota
  • Payu
  • Pse
  • Visa
  • Davivienda
  • Baloto
  • Codensa
  • Bancolombia

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