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Vega 15 Offers 1500mm x 800mm of workspace. When you need a premium laser cutting machine, VEGA 15 is the smart choice. It offers speed, design, space, functionality and a reasonable price. It is the best option to ontain a larger and more productive machine. 









 Vega 15 
 Power Laser   100w
 Tube Type  Sealed Glass Co2 Laser Tube
 Tray Type  Aluminum bars(Optional honeycomb, has an   additional cost)
Cutting Area
 1500mm x 800mm
 Axis Z
 Does not have a Z axisfixed work table
 Cutting Depth
 Engraving Speed  1000 mm/seg
 Power Supply
 220V 50Hz/60Hz
 Motor Type
 Stepper with microcontroller
 Panel Type
 Digital Panel RUIDA TECHNOLOGY 6442G.
 PC Connection
 USB Cable
 Software  RDWorks - Compatible With various design software
 Pointer Red
 Cooling Mode
 Industrial Chiller Water Cooling
 D 20mm – DF 63.5mm
 Focal Guide for Cutting and Engraving
 Accesories  Power cable, USB cable, Chiller CW5000,   Compressor, Focal Guide - USB, Extraction Hose.