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MC542 is based on the DSP control of a new generation of digital two-phase hybrid stepper motor driver can be customized according to user needs in 512 subdivisions and rated current within any current value due to the Internal lifting in the automatic identification of motor parameters, Can be used for different motors with the corresponding operating parameters, The motor running very smooth and very low noise.








Model MC542
Supply Voltage 20-50 VDC
Pulse Input Frequency 200 KHz
Output Current 1,0 A ~ 4,2 A
15 selectable resolutions Up to 25,600 steps / rev
TTL compliant and optically isolated input Pure sinusoidal current control technology
Auto-tuning technology Supports PUL / DIR and CW / CCW modes
Short voltage protection Overvoltage and overcurrent
Automatic direct current reduction.


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