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Cutting Plotter

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What is a Cutting Plotter ?

A Cutting Plotter is a large-scale cutting machine that can cut small and large images or shapes. This action is done on a flat surface through the use of a specialized cutting blade similar to a traditional scribing pen. A blade on a cutting plotter must be able to rotate freely in order to make the necessary cuts such as the movements of the plotter head (head). These cutting blades on these machines are mounted on top of angle bearings to aid in this process. 

This machine can perform fine cutting on different materials (vinyl , paper, cardboard ... among others) , and perform cutting and semi-cutting on adhesive materials.

Which Cutting Plotters do we handle? 

• Redsail RS800C Cutting Plotter

• Redsail RS1120C Cutting Plotter

• Teneth TH1300A Cutting Plotter

• Teneth TH1300L Cutting Plotter

• Teneth ITA3 Cutting Plotter

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