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Industrial Chillers

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What is an Industrial Chiller?

A Chiller is a liquid chiller unit. A chiller is capable of cooling the environment using the same refrigeration operation as air conditioners or Dehumidifiers, it cools water, oil or any other fluid. This solution can be used in a wide range of operations.

They can be air or water coolers. The chillers to cool the water, incorporate the use of cooling towers which improve the thermodynamics of the chillers compared to the chillers to cool air.

Some of the most common applications of chillers in processes are:

  • The plastic industry: A cooler for hot plastic that is injected, blown, extruded or sealed.
  • The printing industry: Tempered rollers cooled due to friction and ovens that cure ink, along with UV lamps also for curing purposes.
  • The laser cutting industry: Technology has created machines that can cut very specific steel products with the precise use of laser cutting machines. This laser operates at very high temperatures and must be cooled to function properly.

What Industrial Chillers do we offer you?


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