Gravoply is an acrylic or ABS material made up of two layers; The upper one, a few microns thick, is the one that gives it the color and the lower one is the one that will be exposed when the upper layer is removed by etching. The chromatic difference between the upper and lower layer is what will make up the final design that we want to achieve on our plate. It is an easy material to record and magnificent results.

With the laser we can engrave and cut the Gravoply the necessary shape, even being complex shapes and any text or drawing can be engraved with great detail and definition.





  • 120 - 60 cm sheet with 1mm thickness / Black-White.

  • 120 - 60 cm sheet with 1mm thickness / White-Black.

  • 60 - 60 cm sheet with 1mm thickness / Brown-White Color.