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COP $998,000

Polichadora de acrlico 1


The Acrylic Polisher is a functional product that provides great detail and shine when acrylic needs to be worked. This machine allows a wide variety of designs. Thanks to its gas flow system, it allows high temperatures and, at the same time, efficiency and firmness at work. In addition, its ventilation system enhances the quality of the polished. Suitable for metal edging use, finishing on acrylic surfaces. Low operating voltage, automatically cut off beyond the setting voltage.


 Model  H160
 Power  300 W
 Voltage  220 V
 Exhaust gas  75 L/H
 Water consumption  0.015 L/H
 Size  450 mm x 280 mmm x 360 mm  
 Weight  8 Kg
 Guy   Flame gun
 Single electrolyzer capacity    1.6L
 Room temperature  -10 ℃-40 ℃

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