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  • MDF Sheet 1
  • MDF Sheet 2
  • MDF Sheet 3

    The MDF sheets that we handle 

    MDF sheets have a mixture of bamboo and glue that allows them to have different properties such as the ability to be resistant and flexible at the same time, or to keep water out of the internal structure for longer and offer a smooth surface to avoid the appearance of chips and irregularities. The uses of MDF have developed over time, from simple instruments or household appliances, to decorations, educational games or labels, lamps, doors, etc. MDF wood has so many functionalities that almost anything could be thought of with MDF vectors alone. The MDF sheets that we offer prevent the extraction of dust in abundance and prevent deformation in high or low temperatures, as long as humidity levels are not exceeded.

    • 2 mm MDF sheet
    • 3 mm MDF sheet
    • 5 mm MDF sheet
    • 8 mm MDF sheet
    • 10 mm MDF sheet
    MDF bambu

    MDF Sheet

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