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    What is a  CO₂ Laser Tube ?

    A  LASER TUBE  is responsible for emitting and transporting energy in the form of light, to generate the laser beam with which it is engraved or cut. Its operating system is very simple, it has an outer cover where the carbon dioxide gas is found, this gas is activated by means of a lens that, upon receiving electrical energy, refracts the light, causing the chemical composition to generate a beam of light in plasma state. Being a plasma state, temperatures are usually very high, so the tube uses a water cooling system structure that keeps it at a suitable temperature for handling. It does this function with a glass structure placed inside, through which water circulates. To maintain a fluid water system with adequate temperatures, it is important to have an Industrial Chiller  or water pump that will effectively cool the tube.

    The advantages of laser tube cutting are

    •  Higher precision (±0.1 mm)
    •  Better quality in the finish
    •  Less material waste
    •  Lower energy use
    •  Higher productivity
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    Principal Co2 Laser Tubes

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