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A laser tube is a closed container, in which Co2 and a set of gases (Nitrogen, Hydrogen or Helium) are stored, the gas inside the tube is excited when it comes into contact with electricity produced by a radio frequency unit (source), This reaction generates a beam of light known as a laser beam, on the market, we can find generic and brand tubes that differ with components, value and quality.

The most recognized brands in the market are: RECI, EFR, TONGLI, which have their own voltage arc sources for the laser tubes, which will offer us a better performance.

RECI: It only works tubes of 10,000 hours and its cost is the highest of all, but it contains a very fine and clean beam.


EFR: In this brand we can find several references CL (3,000h), ZX (10,000h), ZN (10,000H)

  • La The CL references in comparison, is the most stable in the beam quality, but as a disadvantage it has very few working hours.
  • Reference F is stable, but has a wider ray without catalyst.
  • The reference ZX offers a catalyst attached to the glass tube, which generates a better vacuum in the path space of the tube.
  • The ZN reference is very similar to the ZX, only it includes high quality mirrors that allow a beam of up to 40% more than the other tubes in the industry.

TONGLI: We found several references: N, M, G and B these offers a variety of power and useful life of 9,000 hours or one year stored.

Laser tubes are made up of 3 layers in their physical structure:

  • External cover: This cover retains CO2 in a gaseous state.
  • Middle cover: It is in charge of giving the water in and out to cool the laser tube.
  • Central body: In this the laser beam is generated and transmitted.

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