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Injection Plotter

The plotter or plotter is a printing device connected to a computer and designed specifically for high-precision graphic printing that an ordinary printer could not obtain. In its beginnings, it was used to print plans, but since the arrival of colour its profits have grown in large numbers, there are some that can print on fabrics. Plotters are used in various areas such as: Scientific environments, Engineering, Design, Architecture, etc.

Their characteristics vary according to the model, many are monochrome or 4-color, but there are also 8-color models and there are even models that even have 12 calories. Nowadays, injection plotters are frequent because they are easier to make non-linear drawings in multiple colours, they are fast and accurate. (To see types of models see here)

Its dimensions vary according to the application given, since, for professional graphic works, PLOTTERS up to 137 cm wide are used, while for others not so complex, they are 91-111 cm.

These plotters can print in colours like an ink jet printer, they are widely used for posters and billboards, which are reproduced in parts. Printing can be done on paper and plain ink or with special inks with outdoor protection. Although there are also plotters that do double work; the cutting one and the printing one (you print with the ink jet system and then you can trim using the appropriate blade).


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