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COP $51,520,000



The Keyland Mix Steel 1325 Laser machine, has a working area of ​​1.30 m × 2.50 m, has a user-friendly control system that allows effective learning when to use and operate. In addition, the honeycomb, his work area, is versatile and dynamic. Materials such as cotton and leather can be worked. Its laser head cuts and engraves almost any material.

Suitable for garments, leather, models, cutting, packaging, printing, advertising decoration, building upholstery, computer embroidery trimming, handicrafts, paper products, plastic industry, acrylic board, medium-density board, etc.


 Model  MIX STEEL ST-1325
 Work area  1300 mm x 2500 mm
 Laser power  180W
 Cutting speed  400 mm/s
 Engraving speed  400 mm/s
 Workbench type  Aluminum knife can be used offline
 Connection type  USB, ETHERNET, Wi-Fi
 Minimal modeling  Character 2 × 2 mm / Letter 1×1 mm
 Operating Temperature  5 °C – 35 °C
 Resolution  ≤ 4500DPI
 Laser Type  Glass CO₂ Airtight Tube
 Power supply  AC 220 ± 10 % 50 Hz / AC 110 ± 10 % 50 Hz
 Auxiliary Device  Oxygen Assistance
 Cutting Thickness  Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel: 0.2-2.5 mm / Acrylic: minus 30 mm/ MDF: minus 20 mm
 Full power  2 KVA - 4 KVA
 Operative System  WIN 7/8/10/WINDOWS XP/MAC/VISTA
 Supported graphic format  BMP, GIF, PCX, TGA, TIFF, PLT, CDR, DMG, DXP, PAT, CDT, CLK, DEX, CSL, CMX, AI, WPG, WMF, EMF, FMV, GEM.



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