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COP $3,050,000

chiller 5200 1


The industrial Chiller is an analytical instrument designed for CNC machinery. It is a semiconductor that, by controlling the temperature of the device, can prevent the laser tube from thermal deformation. Keep the output power stable, and ensure the light stability of the UV light source (light beam quality) to improve the Lifespan and cutting precision of the device.

By cooling the heating parts in laser machines, these Industrial Chiller can keep them at constant temperature to extend the life of the equipment and improve the processing technology. They also have functions such as Energy Saving, an excessive temperature alarm, overcurrent protection for the compressor and a water flow alarm.


 Dimensions  L 580 mm x W 290 mm x H 470 mm
 Precision de temperature  ±0.3° C
 Frecuencia  50/60 Hz
 Voltage  110/220 V
 Capacity cold  1400 W
 Refrigerant  R-407C
 Tank capacity  10 L
 Bomb power  0.05 kW/0.1 kW
 Maxim fluid water   10-16L/min

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