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The Rotary is an ideal accessory for laser engraving of cylindrical surfaces; such as glasses, bottles, glasses, etc. Its rotary axis have diameter readjustment for surface design, compatible with different systems and models of laser machines.

The software of the machine must have a Rotary system and this can be installed USB or directly to the Board, the machine must have 3 systems for which the Z system will be used for the work table or it must include a removable tray to install the accessory.









Model  Mira plus 
External Dimensions  L 480mm x W/r 170mm-100mm W/l x H 50mm 
Working Area  W 100mm x L 410mm
Nominal Speed  200 RPM
Input Type Connection  Jack XLR (Canon)
Shaft Diameter  12 mm
Voltage  4.8 V
Maximum current / phase  6.0 A
Motor Type  Nema 45 Stepper Motor
Properties  Non-slip and anti-marking rubber bands



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