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This small motor can be used in various areas, such as laser engraving and textile machinery. It has a low noise level due to the fact that it is manufactured with German craftsmanship and has a rubber that covers the rotor, it uses metal of high hardness, resistant and durable. And the matte texture on the side wall can increase friction.









 Nema 34
 Type   Bipolar Stepper
 Offset Angle  1.8°/paso 
 Torque   22N.m (3115 oz.in)
 Voltage  4.8V
 Maximum Current/Phase  6.0a
 RSingle Phase Resistance  0.8 ohm 
 Inductance   14mH ± 20% (1 KHz)
 Dimentions  110 x 110 mm (Standar Size) 
 Long   150 mm 
 Shaft Diameter
 Shaft Length  55.37mm 
 Keyway Lenth
 Number of cables
 4 connectors
 Cable Length  500mm 
 Motor Weight   10.9Kg 
 A+(red), A-(green), B+(yellow), B-(blue)

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