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The photosensitive flash machine is a graphic tool that allows you to make stamps instantly. The process it executes is sophisticated and one of the most used for screen printing, the machine produces an accelerated light exposure that copies the designs in detail and with excellent finishes.

The main advantages of this machine are in its ability and resolution, since it allows fully recording any figure or project that is being made. Among its many accessories are polymerized rubber bands, parchment paper, and the film that allows the passage of photosensitive light. With this device, material costs, time, and risks are avoided when stamping personalized stamps.


 Model  PB-3000
 Dimensions  H 180 mm x L 370 mm x W 150 mm
 Exhibition area  110 mm × 70 mm 
 Max seal size  50 mm x 80 mm 
 Exposure lamp   6 units of length of 150 mm 
 Maximum charging time    30 seconds
 Exposure voltage range     360 V – 400 V
 Voltage  220 V
 Frequency  50 Hz
 Physical properties  Thermal paint coating that prevents temperature spikes   

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