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COP $16,035,250

plotter crystek 130 1Description

It adapts a specially produced aluminum-magnesium alloy printing platform with higher strength, high precision, durability, and printing precision restoration 2880 dpi. With high precision servo motor control system to achieve high precision printing and faster speed. Adopt Yilijet high-speed USD 2.0+ control system, speed up to 480M/S, stable support full-speed multi-head printing.


 Model  CT-H1806
 Work area  1300 mm
 Print type  CMYK process color 
 Continuous Charge   Ecosolvent - water-based ink – sublimation ink, continuous loading With cartridges and 1 liter tank per color
 Ink loading   Continuous with cartridges and 1 liter tank per color
 Resolution   1440DPI
 Letter resolution  About 0.04 mm
 Voltage   220 V 50 Hz/60 Hz
 Head type   EPSON DX11 (XP600)
 Software   Maintop, Photoprint, Wasatch – compatible with different design software
 Speed   20 M/H
 Print height    2-3 mm Above adjustable means 


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