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COP $24,500,000

plotter de impresion IMPA 1


The PLOTTER PR 1800 IMPA DX5 Plotter has full aluminum platform, high quality and long service life, self-developed automatic capping and cleaning system which makes operation and maintenance convenient. Y and X axis AC servo motors, which are stable and durable, bearing and rail with less noise, low resistance and no vibration. Individual color bleed reduces ink waste, 3-way smart heater improves print quality and adopts USB 2.0 output system which is faster and more flexible.

In addition, its self-developed automatic cleaning and capping system makes operation and maintenance convenient, strong and accurate media collecting and feeding system. The machine is always packed in the safe wooden box to avoid damage.


 Model  PR 1800 IMPA DX5
 Maker  Crystek
 Electronic technology    HOSON MAB GLB
 Color and page  Multicolored
 Dish type  Printer, eco-solvent
 Guy  Ink jet printer
 Letter resolution  Up to 0.04 mm
 Applicable Industries  Printing companies, advertising companies
 Automatic degree  Automatic
 Voltage  AC220V 50hz/60hz
 Dimensions  L 2520 mm x W 600 mm x H 410 mm
 Weight  110Kg
 Printing dimension  1800 mm (74")
 Ink type  Eco solvent/ water based ink/ sublimation ink
 Print width  1800 mm (74")
 Print head  EPSON Dx5 or Dx7
 Color  Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key
 Ink feed  Continuous with cartridges and 1 LT tank per color
 Media  Pp, photo paper, vinyl sheet, interior light box cloth, reflective material
 Software  Maintop, Photoprint, Wasatch

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