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COP $99,000

bomba de agua 1Description

The water pump has the function of helping to cool a homemade machine (Keyland KL320 – SP4060) hastily (constant entry and exit of liquid). This power supply has features such as low power consumption, low noise, balance speed, reliable operation, long service life, and easy to disassemble and maintain. Suitable for miniature fountains, crafts, air conditioning fan, mini exhaust fountain, aquarium fish tank, etc.


 Model  AT-420
 Function frequency   60 Hz
 Power  35 W
 Maxim Capacity   2000L/H
 Maxim distance transport  2.2 metros
 Voltage   AC 110 V – 120 V
 Dimensions  780 mm L × 560 mm W × 660 mm
 Power cable length  1.38 cm length

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